DLF Cyber City is a hot spot IT Corporate Park in Gurgaon which houses Fortune 500 companies like Ericson, Siemens, Pepsi, Discovery Channel, General Electric, Standard Chartered, Samsung and American Express. An office at such a premiere location invokes the trust in the minds of the stakeholders.  But the skyrocketing price of real-estate followed by limited supply makes it completely impossible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate in this region. The availability of virtual offices in DLF Cyber City has helped many small businesses to take their share in this exponential growth witnessed in this area.

How Virtual space solutions in DLF Cyber City have brought about a change?

Not many businesses are blessed with huge capital to own an office space. For those businesses, the concept of virtual space is an unprecedented way to expand their horizon. The basic advantage of DLF Cyber City region is the perception it builds in the minds of the stakeholders. The Cyber City region is a business vantage point. To have an office for virtual use here is both profitable for the business and the clients engaged with the business. Cyber City is equipped with qualities like 12,000 + CCTVs, 1300 security guard, disaster management team and better connectivity through the rapid metro builds a favorable repute of the business. Even the clients can easily access different regions of Gurgaon and Delhi through rail, road and air. DLF region has also grand accommodation and fine-dining facility with Royal Ramiro Residency, Cyber City Suites, Oberoi, Trident and Maple Leaf. These advantages have driven top providers of virtual assistance to help innumerable businesses which are wishful of a presence in this location. To consider few best option for virtual offices providers, include:

  • Frontline Business Center
  • Crosscoop
  • The Executive Center
  • Corporate Edge
  • Vatika Triangle
  • Regus

How Virtual spaces Can Help Businesses?

It gives you the flexibility to work as per your need. The Gurgaon virtual offices can help business with an iconic location, professional reception service, courier facility, access to the office space and many more. Such advantages can help the clients to build a favorable image in the eye of the stakeholders and customers. You will never miss an important business call which shall be answered in your company’s name by professionals. This is the chief characteristics of owning a virtual space for business.