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The business realm has undergone a dramatic transformation, and if you speak about the competition, in that case, one would be able to understand that a virtual presence everywhere will always be profitable for expansion and profits. No matter, whether you are operating in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia or Russia, as long as you have presence everywhere, the clients will roll on.

The skyrocketing prices in the real-estate sector won’t let businesses have multiple offices at every corner of the world. Even for stalwarts in business, it is a tough proposition to undertake, so for startups, sole proprietors, it is altogether a different task. The availability of virtual offices have slowly and steadily removed the inefficiencies.

If a business based in abroad wants to expand its footprint, the concept of virtual offices can help them out dramatically. Virtual assistance services is our forte. At Park Centra and Silverton Tower, there are innumerable business centers providing this facility. These centers are strategically located and they are easily accessible by any mode of transport. These advantages have a direct impact on the clients, stake holders and business prospects.
One can easily use such offices in Gurgaon on service packs and create their own professional space. You can rent a virtual office in Gurgaon and get your virtual personal assistants for smooth business operation in the form of office receptionists for assorted needs.

How will the services help your business to thrive?
• Those availing the virtual offices can have a reputed business location for business websites and other collateral purpose.
• With mail handling and courier management service, the clients, stakeholders and investors can build the trust in the business entity.
• You will have the flexibility to choose any promising location and operate from a place which is convenient to you. So, on one hand you don’t have to buy any space or pay rent at high prices, at the same time, you get the advantage of client building and business acquisition because of good location.

Facilities Provided by Business Centers at Park Centra and Silverton Tower through Virtual Assistance Services are as follows:
• Business address at a prestigious Gurgaon location
• Mail handling and courier management
• Dedicated board line number with customized answering services
• Access to flexible workspace
• State-of-the-art meeting rooms
• Audio-visual facilities
• Professional reception, IT and secretarial services